Accelerated Conditioning & Regeneration Simplified


EAP is an exclusive “Boutique-Style” Regeneration & High Performance Conditioning Company. We are your “Physical Mercenary” for hire. EAP caters to the enhancement of  athletics via a combination of Integrative Conditioning & Positive Lifestyle Habits & Regenerative Methodologies, that identifies and corrects the blockages to athletic prowess.

“Athletic Performance beyond numbers & Service beyond Expectations”

EAP is an Integrated Conditioning Philosophy developed by Yusuf Omar, a competitive athlete in his own right; after 30 plus years of  being in the business of Conditioning & Regeneration. Many of our clients, after becoming acquainted with the EAP conditioning & regenerative methodology, realize, that it is unlike any other conditioning business. EAP’s conditioning and regenerative methodology, is greater than a collection of exercises, but rather a unique blend of traditional (i.e. tried and trued methods of conditioning), synergistically blended with modern scientific knowledge and “in-the-trenches” experience, that generates substantial outcomes in a very short period of time, with minimal time and effort.

“Shape determines Function & Function determines Shape”

EAP was founded in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 1985. It was opened to the dedication an development of the fastest and most efficient methods of conditioning and regeneration, to yield positive outcomes. EAP’s reputation is the industry has been well established and respected. EAP is no glorified training facility, but rather it is a small well-stocked conditioning facility, that has pretty much all the necessary tools to condition high school athletes to world record holders.

“Learn to ‘See’ with your Feet & ‘Feel’ with your Eyes”

Our clients certainly do not come here for the “country-club” lifestyle. They come here because of QUALITY and not Quantity. Our clients expect a high degree of personal attention and a high degree of uncompromising standards for getting results, and are willing to pay for it. If you are frustrated with your current level of service or need a change for the better, EAP might be for you, as a majority of our clients come to EAP on just such terms. Our clients come from various backgrounds, ranging from high school, college, professional people and any where in between. EAP accepts anyone without pride or prejudice, all we ask of our clients is a positive attitude, an openness  to entertain new possibilities to address your concerns and  commitment to the process, by which we derive the solutions to your queries.

“Walk ten steps & EAP will walk the hundred for you”