Need Help with Speed, Power, Strength, Nutrition, Olympic Lifting, Concussion Prevention, Chronic Pain

Why Do We Do What We Do?

To service Clientelle ranging from Recreational Sport enthusiats to Olympic and Professional athletes.

To bring Coaches, Therapists, Doctors and Educators together to share perspectives, information and expand our knowledge of holistic health and wellness.

“A wise builder – dug down deep – laid a foundation on solid rock”

(Matthew: 24 -27)

To provide the finest performance conditioning methodology customized to your special needs utilizing our specialists, and facilities all seamlessly woven to create maximum gains efficiently and ethically.

Our clients are those select individuals that have the “4 D’s …

Desire to want to better themselves,

Dedication to their craft,

Discipline to stick with the program day-in-day-out, and

Drive to reach for their dreams.

To provide the largest paradigm *** for conditioning and regeneration methodologies

“Train with intelligence & wisdom, not harder”

We provide conditioning & nutrition solutions for highly motivated clients, that are results orientated. They want positive results in less time and with less effort. Our clients range from the deconditioned, chronically injured, to those seeking higher performances.

“When you walk 10 steps, EAP will take the other 100 for you”

We provide our clients with the most innovative conditioning and nutrition solutions that cannot be found in contemporary conditioning facilities.



A Paradigm is a set of rules that accomplish a goal. Every paradigm has extremes and a middle. The larger the paradigm, the further the extremes are apart, thus encompassing more perspectives and having a broader middle.

Both are required for success. The extremes define the middle. Understand that one paradigm could be part of another and so on. The larger paradigm is always the better one as it contains the most possible solutions. An individual that can recognize more economical solutions to a problem is called a “Paradigm Shifter”. In order to do this 2 things must occur:

  1. Go beyond the extremes …define new broader ones

  2. Encompass more in the middle as the extremes are pushed out.

“Generally speaking, 99% of growth occurs in the middle not for the extremes. The limits/extremes are based upon assumptions. The middle needs to be expanded to push out the extremes, but growth must start in the middle and not at the extremes.”




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